Hellraiser 2022 movie review [Decker Shado]

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Out now on Hulu, it's the latest Hellraiser movie! Boy, this series has been through the wringer, hasn't it? From Inferno, to Deader, Hellworld, Hellseeker, Revelations and Judgement it seems that the Hellraiser series is mostly about just throwing out a random horror movie, putting pins in someone's cranium and keeping the rights for at least a little longer.

I can say that Hellraiser (blog post) 2022 is at least the Hellraiser (2022) review first Hellraiser movie in a long time that actually felt like a Hellraiser movie. Clearly the best the series has been in years, but that's damning it with false praise as... well, there isn't the stiffest competition in that regard.

Still, Hellraiser 2022 takes the classic tale and reimagines it in some ways that work, and others that maybe sounded better on paper.

Source: Hellraiser (2022) (Decker Shado YouTube)

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